Head Lice Hub

for the whole family

Private head lice removal and treatment salon

The team at the Head Lice Hub perform examinations, treatments, head lice removal and provide education. We work from our clinic and also travel to schools, day care centers and kindergartens. For further information or bookings please call:  0401 461 550 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

We charge $70 per hour for our removal services which is to be payable on the day of treatment with either cash or eftpos card.   This price includes the head lice removing lotions. We will provide you with a show bag for your child as well as sending you home with our after treatment guidelines. We are happy to give you a 'guestimation' of fee before your service commences.   

Our follow up service is recommended between 5-7 days after the initial treatment.  This follow up appointment is as equally important as the first visit comb out.  Head lice are similar to other animals in the way that they mark their territory.  They leave a scent on the hair that attracts other head lice to the hosts head.  It is very important (especially in the three weeks after the initial treatment) that the hair is combed twice a week with the Lice Breaker comb.  Following the three weeks the hair should be checked and combed with the Lice Breaker comb, once a week every week.  This will ensure that there is no longer any oppertunity for an infestation to occour.


Consultation /Screening

The Head Lice Hub screens our clients hair to confirm if there is signs of lice and make a plan to treat the problem. $15 if we find an infestation this amount will be included in the Treatment & Removal