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Private head lice removal and treatment salon

about us

24 years of hairdressing,  working with bouncing long tresses, glamorous formal designs, precision cutting, sophisticated concaves, fun quirky texture and asymmetrical design,  as well as thousands of hours research and further training.... it is with much pleasure that I introduce you to Warrnambool & Districs first 'Head Lice Removal Clinic' the  'Head Lice Hub' 
I understand that the fight against head lice infestations can be overwhelming and can cause unwanted stress to the household.  I have had head lice as an adult.  All of my children have also had head lice. 
Our clinic removes the extra pressure from families and treats and removes head lice in a private, confidential, friendly, efficient, non judgemental and proffessional way. 
Our clinic is equipped with a range of special lighting, magnifiers, pesticide free lotions as well as a range of shampoo, conditioners, leave in repellents and lice removing combs if you require them. 
We are open during business hours as well as after hour and weekend appointments.  
Our team also visits schools, kindergartens, daycare centers and hospitals offering treatments, education and support to families.


"Thank you so much Belinda for the extremely informative and engaging presentations on 'Head lice' that you recently did for the staff and parents of Warrnambool East PS.  It will definitely have our ES and parents being more thorough with their headlice checks, which will help us to keep these pests to a minimum". I would strongly recommend other schools also engage with the Head Lice Hub to help educate and upskill members of their communities. 

Kerry McCarthy 
Engagement and Wellbeing Leader Warrnambool East Primary School