Head Lice Hub

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'Head Lice Hub'

We are a team of qualified hairdressers, nurses and beauty therapists.  We have years of experience in the hair, beauty and health industry and guarantee descreteness, proffessionalism and respect to all of our clients.
We offer Warrnambool and the south west, head lice examinations, treatments, removal, education and support for your families, schools, daycare centers, kindergartens and hospitals. 


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What are head lice?

Head lice are tiny, six-legged, blood sucking parasites. 
Each leg is equipped with a claw, enabling the louse to grasp onto the shaft of the hair.
The female louse lays up to ten eggs a day gluing them to the hair shaft with a fixative substance.
These eggs (nits) hatch
between 7-10 days after being laid.



Don't worry!

It can feel overwhelming when head lice presents itself.  Not only is there a social stigma attached with having head lice but there is the pressure on time poor families to spend hour after hour treating and removing the lice and eggs.  At the Head Lice Hub we remove the shame that can be felt with having head lice.
Our clinic is private, inviting, hygenic and our tecnitians are respectful, friendly and understanding.
We have Netflix available so you can enjoy watching a movie. 
We also provide coffee, bottled water and a show bag of goodies for the children.